Corey. 25. Writer. Anxious. Observant. Outspoken. Drummer. DJ. Roleplayer. Moon Guard. Silahs. Devenias. Shariann. Leithos. 

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amirashika asked: What does your wife think of your beard?



It was my freshman year of college. I don’t know if she’s even seen a picture of it.

Spoiler: I look better without a beard.

I’d believe that, MaRo. You have a very nice guy face, much like Garruk!

TMI TUESDAY: Send a question about one of my characters and it must be answered! Can be asked IC or OOC. Anon or not

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Mmmm.. Breakfast!


Our owner got us Panera Bread ~ soooo worth climbing two flights of stairs four times.

Reblog if your muse has lost one or both of their parents.


Rip momma darkthorne

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